“It’s almost here!”

AP tests are almost here! Around this time of year, Advanced Placement classes and students prepare for the national Advanced Placement tests. These classes offer advanced, college level curriculum, but are for high school students. In the first two weeks of may, national AP tests occur for high school students taking AP classes, and the scores for these tests take months to return, and can be important for getting into universities and colleges because they demonstrate a student’s expertise and “advanced-ness” in school subjects. In one week, the AP tests begin, and the antics are only building up.

Studying is quote hard and tedious, especially since I have 4 classes to study for. At least I don’t have to study too much for AP English, it’s just responses. I feel live I have studied enough for AP United States History, but I have barely studied for Biology and Calculus. Which means I have a busy couple of days before the test, and now there’s less than a week left for that.

The AP test is quite scary, but as of right now, I felt more worried about a history presentation I did earlier today. Not only was presenting it pressuring, there would be people studying off of these notes too. I had to cover everything. At least that is one way of lifting the burden off of the incoming test, whether intentional or not.

Definitely things are going better for the people around me when it comes to preparing for the test. I saw someone during our school’s annual Baron Games, a spirit competition between the grades, studying their AP Biology study book in between minigames. “Dang, I’m not that dedicated, should I be doing more?” This event has made my very nervous, because I assumed that I would have enough time to study, but now I’m thinking that I need to plan my time and set thing straight because it’s very simple: There’s not much time left.

And watching everyone else, taking after school practice tests for their classes, and I attended one for Biology, for an FRQ, in which I did decently on. Not to say that the results mean I’m ready, because I am nowhere near that. Heck, I should be studying right now. But anyways, I should definitely be prioritizing things in my life right now, I mean the future is pretty important.

Before writing this, I was agonizing myself over not studying for calc, and while doing practice test homework, I spent time studying for it. Despite not a full study of the subject, it felt very beneficial to have just referenced to notes and correct myself. I don’t know if I can do the same for Biology, maybe flashcards and practicing chronology, but I suppose reading something is better than reading nothing. Practice makes (almost) perfect, right?