Smoking, it’s your choice!

Now before anyone reads this post, let me make it clear that I do not smoke. I have learned what the short and long-term effects that could develop when smoking; heart disease, cancer, lung disease, reproductive damage, birth defects, death, etc. Personally, I’m not too fond on any of those. Also If anyone reading this thinks I am promoting people to smoke, I’m not.

One time at school, I was just minding my own business, going to classes and such like all normal High Schoolers. Anyway, I was in my math class and was finally finished with my lessons, my eyes began to wander around the room until finally my eyes landed on a certain poster. The poster had something along the lines of “87% of Californian Teenagers Chooses Not to Smoke!”

©2015 Augustus Binu [CC by 2.0]

When I first read the poster in my math class, I thought to myself “Wow I like how the poster is worded!”

Now some of the people who are reading this post may be saying “What’s so cool about the poster?” Well I have two things to say, you’re questioning a computer screen, get some help, and well that’s just it, I like how the poster is worded.

I’m sure that everyone has learned about the negative effects of smoking either from their schools or parents when they were quite young. Every other adult practically shoving the message that “Smoking is bad!” down our throats. During those times, I felt like the adults around me treated me like an idiot, they kept telling me that smoking is bad even following me to high school, and now I’m in math class whilst admiring the poster on my classroom’s wall.

Now the main reason why I’m so drawn to the poster is because it included the word “choose”. It’s your choice. No matter how many people likes to remind you that smoking is bad, it’s still ultimately your choice and no one else. I’ve made the choice not to smoke and now I’m with the eighty-or-so teens that don’t smoke in California. But don’t let those numbers deter you, it’s still your choice after-all.