Eddie the Eagle, an true story about an underdog Britain ski jumper. Micheal (Eddie) Edwards was never really an athlete in his younger years. He would always get picked last on teams and had about no athletic skill at all, but he did have perseverance. He had one dream in life that he pursed furiously, which was going to the Winter Olympics.

So he started his journey to become an Olympic ski jumper for Great Britain. He started on the the baby slopes of 15 meter which he crushed effortlessly. Then after just one try he went up to the 40 meter jump.The height did not scare him at all. He was so determined to go the Olympics that even after 10 tries on the 40 meter slope and failing massively with a bunch of cuts and bruises he got up for an eleventh time. That eleventh time could have probably killed him yet he still went up the slope, but this time he managed to land  it.

Now that he landed the 40 meter slope he thought he was ready for the Olympic slopes of 70 and 90 meter. These slopes could possibly kill him yet he still push forward. Now at Olympic size slopes Eddie thought he was ready for the Olympics, which he technically was so he signed up for the Olympics. He made it! His life long dream of going to the Winter Olympics ever since he was just a little kid. At the Olympics even though he had never been on the 90 meter slope he attempted it in the Olympics game. This huge feat that he has never completed before and he wanted to attempt it in the Olympics! He was fearful of dying yet he still went. The moment he landed he set a personal and Great Britain record of 73. 5 meters. Even though he got last the Olympic games was not about winning for him.”The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well”(Olympic creed).



Many things in life need dedication in order to succeed. Success does not just happen. Success is a combination of countless hours of honing your craft and failure. Failure will always accompany success, because failure is what makes you who you are today. Without it you would not know how to pick yourself back up after you fall down. The most successful people learn from there mistakes so that they may never make that mistake again. That is how you become great in life. It all comes down to dedication.Without dedication you will never reach your full potential.