Zootopia is pretty good

So in the last two weeks, my family decided that we should have some quality bonding time through the magic of film. When my family arrived at the theaters, we decided to watch the recent Disney film, Zootopia. Now I didn’t know what I was getting myself into as I’ve never seen any trailers or even known about this movie until I actually got to the movie theaters, so I was a bit skeptical about the film. However, once I started to watch the movie, I was met with a welcomed surprise. In the first few minutes of the film, I knew I was going to enjoy the entire two-ish hours.

Anyway let me give you a brief summary of the film. The movie starts with the main protagonist Judy Hopps, a bunny who wants to deviate from the status quo by becoming the very first bunny cop. She soon accomplish her goal and is off to a police station in Zootopia, a utopia where both prey and predators could live in harmony. At said police station, she learns about a missing animals case, a case that had yet to have been solved for two weeks. Judy volunteers to solve the case in order to prove herself as a police officer. She soon enlists help of Nick Wilde, a cynical fox who believes that it is impossible to escape the social constructs of each and every race of animals. With Nick Wilde’s help, Judy Hopps finally sets off to solve the case.

If one had watched the first five minutes of the movie, one would notice that the movie is extremely visually appealing. The movie is also quite colorful making it difficult to not admire the vast array of colors or to turn one’s attention away from the big screen. The film also splits the city of Zootopia into separate division which houses a different environment like desert and tropical. I found this to be a smart decision as the varying background and color would easily catch the audiences’ attention.

I also found the characters in the film very likable with Judy Hopps being the optimistic ray of sunshine and Nick Wilde being the smooth, sarcastic con-artist. They made an interesting relationship as they’re pretty much polar opposites, but it worked and it worked well.

The story was also pretty good. I won’t get into it very much, but I’ll just say that almost all the characters are intertwined in one way or another with the missing predators/mammals case.

In the end, it’s a great movie!


Shark Tale Thoughts

Dream Works have made many personal favorites, for example, Antz, Shrek, and Kung Fu Panda. In 2004, Dream Works released an animated, comedic, and underwater based film known as Shark Tale.

Movie poster Shark Tale.jpg

©2004 Bill Damaschke [CC by 2.0]

Shark Tale is about a fish named Oscar who works at an undersea equivalent of a car wash. However he ran into some problems relating to debt and is going to be killed by his boss if he doesn’t pay up. He doesn’t get the money and orders Oscar’s death in some uncharted area. Fast forward a bit, he lives whilst accidentally killing a shark, earning the title of “The Shark Slayer”. In the end, Oscar tells everyone that his title is a fluke but they don’t care and he lives happily every after.

With the butchered summary out of the way, let me tell you readers how I felt about the animated comedy. First, let us start with the things I like.

The movie was quite colorful in my opinion, even more so than another underwater based movie. You may not know what the other movie is as it is a bit “underground” but it’s called Finding NemoDon’t get me wrong Finding Nemo is a great movie, but most of it’s underwater scenes were usually always dark albeit still beautiful. In Shark Tale, almost every scene had a lot of color that never failed to draw me in to admire the environment. The voice acting were also pretty good especially with a lot of big names like Will Smith and Jack Black. You can tell when characters are sad and happy.

Now on to the things I’m not to keen on. One gripe I had with the movie was that most of it’s comedy came from references, not just any references of course by those from the R-rated God Father. It really makes you think why a movie made for kids would have references from the God Father. Also Oscar isn’t really a likable character, heck there were many times I hated him. One scene he used a pearl, that his best friend entrusted him with, to place bets on a horse race. Charming am I right?

Now did I like the movie? Yeah I did. A good chunk of the jokes in the movie got me laughing and that’s what a comedy should be doing.