Procrastination Nation

I hate procrastinating. I absolutely hate it. I to me, procrastinating is being lazy by giving yourself the minimum amount of time to complete something when you could have more time to do it. For every day I wait, is more guilt tacked onto to back of my conscience, nagging me to do something about it. I don’t know how some people can live like that, and maybe it’s because they are more carefree and less nitpicky than I am, but procrastinating is something I hope I’ll never choose to resort to.

Recently, I was given a spanish project two weeks ahead of the due date, and it was required that I do it with a group. The group chose to work on the project the weekend right before it was due, which kind of upset me, but it was the only weekend that they could work on because they were busy with sports. I have not worked in the project yet, because it is due next week, and every night, before I sleep, I remember that I have to work on the project soon, and I get anxious and can’t sleep for a few more minutes. Being nervous is never fun.

Possibly, I could try to live with procrastination and slowly adopt it, but of course my future projects and homework assignments would be lower quality. That guilt that I feel when I fail to do something is probably hard-wired into my head by now. I mean, I do get distracted often while I work, but at least I have the rest of the night to do work. I live around procrastinators, yet I find it odd, sad, but fascinating how people can push themselves to use the afternoon leisurely, then to work all night. In AP US History, we have to do outlines of chapters from our history book, and these outlines are due every week. It takes hours to do, so I split it up during the week to work on it. Other friends in the class stay up to 5 in the morning the day before just to do it. Often, the outline isn’t as high quality, and not good enough to study from. I try to tell my friends to work on it during the weeks, like the teacher of the class recommended, but somehow, every time, they stay up late, along with most people in my class, and tell me about how they stayed up late and how they were upset with the workload and how they were tired throughout the day. I don’t understand how this happens.

So my partners for the spanish project want to wait until Friday to begin the script, then record on Saturday, and if needed, Sunday. They have understandable reasons for being unable to do it earlier, and maybe that is the case for my friends and other people too. I’ll never venture to the realm of procrastination, where relaxation is followed by hard work and stress, and I’ll do the vice-versa of what the procrastinators do. I suppose I understand how or why procrastinators need to wait longer to do, and I should be more lenient towards them. I just hope I never fall into that habit.


Should I drink tonight?

Why do people go crazy over this alcoholic beverage? Beer the most common alcoholic beverage consumed has many side effects including liver damage, weight gain, and impaired motor skills, but why do people still do it.


I tend to think that most of the time people drink beer to relax after a long day at work and that’s all fine if its only one or two, but when the bottle count starts to get up to five or six things can get out of hand real fast. When they  get in the car for the drive home their cognitive abilities are also impaired, thinking that its okay to drive home while drunk. When they start to drive they not only put their own lives at risk, but the lives of others. Every day in the United States 30 people die from car accidents related to alcohol. That equates to 10950 a year. Imagine if people stopped drinking and driving. 10950 lives could be saved each year by just calling a taxi home instead of trying to drive while impaired.

Another reason why people drink beer so often is that it takes away all the anxiety and pain for those few hours. Most legal drinking is done in bars where guys go pick up girls for the night out. The alcohol slowly eases people in to a nirvana like state allowing them to do things they never would have thought possible, like a shy guy talking to a girl. At that moment people are not thinking straight and usually do outrageous things and when they wake up, they usually cannot remember most of their night. Alcohol is a very powerful drug that can make you feel ecstatic for a couple hours and leave you feeling horrible the next day.

There is a saying, “everything in moderation”. One or two beers after a long night will not kill you. Drinking is not necessarily bad. It is only usually bad when people do not know their limits and drink like there is no tomorrow.