Trafficking Awarness



     Just recently my school (Fountain Valley High) had a Day of Dialogue to spread the awareness of Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking is the commerce of people, kids or adults who are sold into various locations and occupation who are often paid very little.The most profitable occupation often being prostitution.  A group called Live2free brought light to this subject and did a superb job of inciting fear while at the same time captivating my attention and really brought a sense that human trafficking happens everywhere and to anyone.

They told a story about this little Indian girl named Shyima Hall who was sold into slavery by her family for a very nominal amount of money. She had to work 20 hours a day, often slept in harsh conditions, and continuously verbally abused, and this all took place in Irvine, California. All these years I thought that trafficking just happened in run down countries and slums but no, it happened in Irvine. A place known for its gated communities and upscale lifestyle. To think that human trafficking took place from just 15 minutes of where I live is just frightening.

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©2011 Ira Gelb [CC BY 2.0]

     To prevent more human trafficking from happening people must be self aware about their surroundings and the products they buy. I say this because, even if you don’t know it you may be contributing to human trafficking by buying products that were made with slave labor and the more you buy of that product the more the smugglers benefit which allows them to continue this process.

The only way to put an end to human trafficking and help people like Shyima Hall, is if people band together and spread the awareness of trafficking. There are various groups in your community such as Live2free that you can join to actively participate in to help halt the abominations that are occurring and remember- Everyone has the right to be FREE.