Improving as a writer


©2007 Colleen Lane [CC BY 2.0]

Over the past semester I have been focused and guided to improve my writing in my Ap English Class. I feel that with the constructive criticism that I received from both my peers and my teacher that I writing skills have greatly increased.

In my class we focused on three main essays, a descriptive, narrative, and definition essay. But the one I focused on most was my narrative.

At the start of my essay I focused too much on the description of places that it turned into a descriptive essay rather than a narrative. I also was not doing a good job of showing the whole story in my eyes. I was telling rather than showing as my teacher likes to say.

As I got more practice, my essay seemed to flow smoother until it was almost perfectly polished. I say almost because I wrote my final draft, but it has yet to be read by my teacher.

Writing a final version of my narrative helped me see most of my  strengths and weakness. One highlighted strength that I saw throughout all my essays was my attention to detail.

     As I wrote my descriptive essay it seemed as if the words just came to me effortlessly and according to my peers, it seemed as if it was my strongest essay out of all three of them. Incorporating metaphors somewhat fluidly into my essay seems to be one of my strengths. I’m not a very good writer at all. Most of my strength came from what I intended to focus on. Descriptive essays calls for lots of metaphors so I think that since I was focusing on how to write better descriptive essays, my skills of  incorporating metaphors became better as well.

On the downside of my strengths there is my weakness which is probably my structure and fluidity of my essays.

I believe that I still need to work on being more fluid with my sentence and paragraph flow. Most of the time I am not able to put everything I want to say on the paper and it comes off as choppy. My writing in general is improving slightly, but I still have a long way to go into become a good writer.

Overall this semester has greatly helped me and lead me on the path of becoming a more accomplished writer.