Hamburgers are life

I absolutely love Hamburgers. They are my favorite To-Go food when I want something quick and easy to eat.

Nowadays, you can get a hamburger from anywhere. There are a bunch of fast food places everywhere you go. McDonald, Carl’s Jr., Wienerschnitzel, Burger King, Jack in the box, In N Out,  and many more fast food places that I can not think of right now, but almost every fast food place sells hamburgers except, Taco-bell.

Hamburgers all started out in 1900 with two buns and a ground beef patty in between. Now you can get hamburgers in a million different ways. There are hamburgers they come with pulled pork and bacon on top. Who would of thought to put three different proteins in one single hamburger. It doesn’t stop at that, some people put eggs on there burgers and call it a breakfast burger. A hamburger for breakfast!!!!!!! It’s crazy!

My favorite fast food burger has to be the Memphis BBQ burger from Carl’s Jr. with its tangy BBQ sauce and crunchy onion rings that lay aloof the delicious patty. Every week when I passed by Carl’s Jr. I would always order the Memphis Burger. Those three months that it was in stock, since it was a seasonal item, I gained at least five pounds. My body said no to the burger, but my stomach said yes. Sadly, the Burger is gone from the menu and I have to settle for the Western Bacon cheeseburger which is good, but nothing compared to the Memphis Burger.


©2014Unsplash[CC BY 2.0]

My favorite fast food place to get hamburgers (some may disagree) is Carl’s Jr. due to its large variety. If I’m not looking for something very hearty, I can get the fish sandwich, which is not the best but it suffices for the time until I can get a real meal in.

Hamburgers have evolved greatly since the simple buns and patty. People all over the world enjoy the simple american snack that I have come to know and love. If you are a vegan or have never tried a hamburger before, then you are missing out on a truly delightful meal. I suggest those who have never tried a burger before drop whatever there doing and go get yourself a hamburger.