Fallout 4: A Man’s Best Friend

Ah Fallout 4, you’re the reason why I don’t have a social life! Fallout 4 is currently the latest in the Fallout series developed by the one and only Bethesda Studios, infamous for their bug-filled games. Fallout 4 is an rpg shooter, leaning more towards the shooter side, set in a post-apocalyptic game where the world is stuck in the 60’s. The game starts with the player’s son being taken away and the player proceeds to relentlessly hunt down the man who took him. Well…when I mean relentlessly hunt down, I mean leisurely take you’re time finding your son while you get sidetracked by the numerous side quests that are littered throughout the game.

Now whilst exploring the wasteland, you’ll come across several unique npcs that has nothing better to do but to following you around while judging you and your actions. The companions are but not limited to:

Piper: The bubbly reporter.

Nick Valentine: The robotic detective.

Hancock: The chem addict who’s also a zombie.

Preston Garvey: The one that nobody likes (I like him).

However, none of the companions I have listed even holds a candle to the greatest of companions!

Dogmeat: The dog.

Now there are many reasons why Dogmeat is the best companion in Fallout 4, but the most obvious is that he unbelievably adorable! Even when he’s executing a raider with his steel-like jaws! He’s also arguably the more useful companion in terms of combat. Most of the companions in the game are simply glorified meat-shields who gets a kill every two hours. Now Dogmeat is like that too, a meat-shield who does next to no damage, but he has the added bonus of “holding” your enemies down by biting their arm or leg. This “holding” gives you more than enough time to line-up a head shot to dispatch your enemies at a quick rate.

Now the two reasons I mentioned are great and all, but the real reason why I love Dogmeat is that because he doesn’t judge your actions. As I have previously mentioned, companions will judge your actions though the entirety of the game, either positively or negatively. Dogmeat is the only exception. He does not judge you or your actions but instead remains loyal to you no matter what path you follow.

Truly a man’s best friend!Dogmeat


Happy 20th Anniversary

Wow. Can you guys believe it? It’s been 20 years since the first pokemon games. Game Freak has been such an amazing company over the past 20 years. Pokemon was a large portion of my childhood. It still is a portion of my life to this day. It was and still is one of my favorite franchises to this day. I can say the same thing for many Nintendo franchises such as Legend of Zelda and Mario, but Pokemon had the most amount of impact on me.

Let’s dive into a bit of the history of the Pokemon franchise. In 1996, the first two pokemon games were released in Japan. They were Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green. The games were a big hit in Japan, so much so that a third game came out called Pokemon Blue which was an enhanced edition. They then reprogrammed Pokemon Blue to make Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue for international release in 1998. It was a large hit internationally as well. And that was the beginning of a franchise beloved by many. The success of pokemon prompted the release of its own show with over 900 episodes and counting, over 15 movies, a trading card game, a line of toys, etc.

I simply adore the franchise. It has been that way since I was a little boy. I would spend much of my time dedicated to these games and the show. I even bought little phone straps and plushies for myself. I just love the franchise. It has been in my life for many years and I do hope it will continue to be in it for a long while. I don’t want to see the Pokemon franchise die out. I want my children to experience the same thing.

It has been 20 years since the start of Pokemon and the franchise is still going strong after all this time. There has been 6 generations of Pokemon games and recently a new one has been announced recently. I am very much excited about this and I know that many others are just like me. I genuinely hope that Pokemon will continue to evolve over the years to come.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, considered as the biggest game launch based on The Lord of the Rings universe. Shadow of Mordor is an open world adventure game that provided great combat and unique features.

Now I just got this game recently so I’m pretty late on the bandwagon. Also I have never watched any of The Lord of the Rings movies so I know nothing of the lore and what not. So I apologize in advance in case I butcher any Lord of the Rings lore.

©2014 Warner Bros [cc by 2.0]

Let’s start with a small summary of the game:

So the game starts off with the main character Talion. Who is a Ranger Captain, fancy title. It would seem everything is going great for Talion with his high-paying position and a beautiful family, until the orcs attacked. Talion and his family was soon captured and played the roles in the new block-buster hit, Sacrificial Ritual! Playing the antagonists were nameless hooded men. With the ritual over, Talion found out that he couldn’t be killed as a wraith/ghost thing has been bounded to him. After that ordeal, Talion went off killing orcs and animals.

The story was considered the weakest point by most critics and I guess I can agree. The story is fine but nothing special.

Now my favorite part, the game play:

The combat is fun as heck! The combat is extremely responsive and satisfying. Though early on, the combat was a bit tedious as you had to keep button mashing when you’re overrun or when you fight at all. Thankfully you get more abilities as you progress through the game, giving you more options in combat.

The world is very lively with plenty of activities Talion could do. It could be hunting, collecting herbs, defeating orc war chiefs, etc. Though the re spawn rate is a bit excessive on some areas.

The Nemesis System is a unique feature that Shadow of Mordor provided. A system that consisted of randomly generated orcs that has unique names, abilities, and even personality. You really feel like an assassin when hunting down the orc captains and war chiefs.

All in all, great game!




A Game About Cats

Recently, there has been a game that has been rising among the ranks in the app store of both IOS and Android devices. It’s called Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. It is a simple game with a very basic concept.

You must attract cats to your yard. In order to do that, you must use two different items. The two items are toys and food. Food is used to attract the cats, but toys are needed to entertain them. There are different ranks of quality to the food. As the quality of the food increases, the amount of cats that will visit your yard will increase, but as the ranks increase, the price increases as well. The toys range from a simple ball to a hammock to a kotatsu. You can also expand your yard and change its style as well. Cats will only visit your yard if the app is off. There is no end to the game, you just collect cats.

Like most free to play games, there are two different currencies within this game. The two different currencies are regular dried sardines and golden dried sardines. Both of the currencies can be obtained from the cats when they leave the yard because the cats leave a present every time they leave. The only currency that can be purchased for real money are the golden dried sardines. There is an exchange rate between the gold and regular sardines so in a way you can by regular dried sardines.

This game is interesting because it was able to get very popular even though it’s such a simple concept. Or maybe it’s gotten so popular because it is simple?  This has been seen with many other games on the app stores. Flappy Bird and Crossy Road are other examples of games with a simple concept and yet they have gotten millions of downloads.

The question is why are they so popular with their simple ideas? I think that the idea of a simple game is more likely to appeal to a wider audience. No complicated actions to perform, just look at the cats playing around. The same goes with Flappy Bird and Crossy Road. Press the screen to keep the bird flying and don’t hit anything and the other is just press the screen and don’t get hit.

I am currently having a lot of fun with this. I recommend this to those who just want to have a relaxing game or like cats.

Skyrim VS. Fallout 4

Skyrim Vs. Fallout 4? Now that is a hard one. Both of them are made by Bethesda, and both are RPG (Role playing games). They allow for non-linear game play which is what makes Bethesda and their games so great.


2013cricetinae [public domain]

Skyrim is set in a medieval where dragons roam free and folklore is heavily told about a prophesized Dragonborn (you). The Dragonborn is the main character that is said to be able to destroy dragons and absorb their life force to prevent them from resurrecting and continue to wreak havoc in the world. In Skyrim the possibilities are endless as it is a free world and you can basically do anything you want with the additions of mods. The mods in skyrim is what makes the game so great. If you don’t know what mods are, they’re basically modifications that you can make to the game to give yourself a more immersive gameplay such as higher quality graphics, more realistic lighting, better NPC(Non-player character) interactions, and a whole bunch more that have yet to be made.With mods, the fun never ends. If you finish the main storyline, you can add new content that modders have made such as side quests, or a completely new storyline. The fun never ends in Skyrim. You will find yourself hours into the game without even realizing it when you pick up the game.



©2012Superfart211 (cc by 3.0)

Fallout 4 is very similar to Skyrim in that it is a free world, the only exception is that instead of swords and magic, you are armed with guns and power armor. Fallout 4 is set in a post-apocalyptic setting after an all out nuclear war. Almost everything in the game is out to kill you. I died over 20 times just an hour into the game. To make your life a little easier modifications are back for the game. Since this is a new game (November 10, 2015), there are not as many mods as Skyrim, and for this I find Skyrim much more fun. Along with the mods, I find that Skyrim’s storyline is much more entertaining and diverse. Now I haven’t finished Fallout 4, only about half way through, but I would play Skyrim anyday over Fallout 4. Now don’t get me wrong, Fallout is a good game, it’s probably just the lack of mods that bore me the most.


©2015Connor RH [CC0 1.0]
Skyrim and Fallout 4 are both highly entertaining games and I would recommend both to anyone. But as of right now, if you haven’t picked up any of these titles and want to get a RPG game, I would suggest Skyrim, due to its timeless fun and never ending add-ons.