Are Women Really Equal To Men?

An age-old question that has plagued the world for centuries is equality. Fights of equality between races and religion have been fought for hundreds of years. One fight of equality, the most prevalent in today’s society, still rages on. Are the sexes really equal? Are women, who have been in complacent, servile positions throughout history, somehow now equal to men? Certain fields still are primarily dominated by men. Politics and sports have numerous notable men, but very few women exist in powerful positions.


Women have recently gained a few notable political positions. Taiwan recently elected a female president and Elizabeth has been a figurehead queen for many years. However, they still represent a vast minority in politics. Only about twenty females hold a world leader position. This shows the citizens of male-dominated countries to be apprehensive about allowing a female to lead them. Of course, some countries completely ban women from having jobs. Why would they then have a female leader? Men have qualities that are desirable for a leader. They are sturdy and firm in their beliefs and actions. Women are stereotyped to be rash and indecisive. Even though this may be false, citizens may still view it as truth and block a woman’s attempt to lead. Those successful female leaders have adopted the sturdy, male traits, allowing them to compete amongst the rest of the world. Margaret Thatcher is a prime example of this. The “Iron Lady” adopted a fierce mindset that was completely set in its ways. Women can be successful in politics, but due to the lack of equality given by false ideas of female traits, are not given the chance to rule.



The Middle East is a prime candidate for control over women. With deep religious beliefs surrounding women, multiple regulations are effectively law. Notably, Saudi Arabia has numerous actions, not illegal, but severely frowned upon for women. Females are not allowed to go out in public alone. They are required to take a male guardian everywhere. Women in Saudi Arabia are also strongly discouraged from driving as numerous Saudi clerics say it undermines social values. This shows how even countries today view women as the weaker sex, needing to be protected from various tasks. Other nations have more lax rules for women but some still have social stigma attached to various tasks. In many places, a man is seen as the primary breadwinner for the family. Women face accusations of stealing a man’s duty if they decide to work. The man is seen as the hard worker and the wife stays at home to watch the kids. This social concept was more more popular in the 1950’s but still largely remains. This concept was also largely noticeable in The Great Gatsby. Tom Buchanan would frequently command Daisy around, and even ordering her out when the “men had work to do.” Tom made the family’s money, Daisy was there to simply take care of the house while he worked. Social conventions leave in place activities that cause a woman to be looked down upon for trying said pursuits. A complete upheaval in social norms are required for men and women to be socially equal.



For many athletic activities, a man usually performs better than a female. This comes down to nature, men are larger and more musclebound than women. This follows the ancient arrangement of men being animal hunters while the women gathered berries. Hunting animals was far more strenuous than gathering berries so a male grew to be larger. This affects modern sports, as more vigorous sports are dominated by males. Football and baseball are male-dominated sports. In football, testosterone-filled players bash each other repeatedly. A woman entering into this sport would be broken and bloodied by the larger and more powerful men. Women on football fields are cheerleaders, they stand to the side where it is safe. This shows a direct inequality between the sexes, men can play but women can only watch. Another sport where there is notable skill gaps between the genders is tennis. Most men ranked 200 or under can beat any of the top female players. This was seen when the Williams sisters stated they could beat any man outside of the top 200. Karsten Braasch accepted the challenge and easily beat both of them. This shows the direct contrast between males and females in sports, even in a more equally competed sport like tennis.


Women have gained respect and generally state they are equal to men. How equal are they really? In political situations, they represent less than a tenth of world leaders. Socially, many nations still impose strict regulations of a female’s daily life. Sports show a stark contrast between skill of a man and a woman. Full-contact sports are solely participated by men. Other sports with fierce women competitors, like tennis, show men as much better than their women counterparts.

Women have gained equality for many different situations over the years, but they are not truly equal to men.