Baron Games(2015-2016) Rigged??


©2011 Unduhsun (CCO 1.0)

The Baron Games carries this long legacy that it has been rigged so that the Blue team, which consist of freshman and seniors to win. For the past three years that I have attended Fountain Valley High school, I do believe that there is some sort of trickery going on in the Baron Games. Whether it be cheating or being completely rigged so that the last year of the seniors and the first year of the freshman is memorable.

During the week leading up to the Baron Games which is held on Friday, ASB host a series of lunchtime events so that either team can score points. During these lunch time events the judges which mostly consist of seniors are extremely bias. One time during a dance competition the yellow team was clearly the winner of the competition while the blue team’s dance was lackluster and the judges called it a tie! It was like saying Kylo Ren has the same strength as Darth Vader, when we clearly know that Darth Vader is stronger. With the judges being so biased the only time the yellow team can we is when they clearly beat such as in a race which does not have a panel of judges.

Besides the bias senior judges, the Blue team also blatantly cheats and no one says a word. During the last race of the day which was a relay race which consisted of a watermelon eating contest, a hopping race where the participant had to be wrapped in saran wrap, a bike portion, and finally a scavenger hunt to find the combination inside a pool of slime, on the second portion of the race the yellow team was clearly ahead by a good 25 yards, the blue team decides to cheat by breaking out of the saran wrap and running to the bikes. By doing this they were able to catch up to us and win. That wasn’t even the worse part. Before starting the yellow team was up by 14 points and then the judges announce that the last event was worth 15 points and then the judges or whoever was judging this corrupt event changed the points to 20. Why did they need to change it to 20?? It was clearly a scheme so that the blue team would win since that is who the panel of judges consisted of. So in the end, the blue team came out victorious by cheating there way up to the top.

The win for the blue team this year meant that the winning streak would be continued once again. Before last year the blue team would always win and too many people would complain  that it was rigged. So, ASB decide to rig it again but, this year to the yellow’s team advantage so it would not looked rigged that the blue team was winning all the time. However, it was so easy to see through the facade that everyone still knew it was rigged.

No matter what anyone says, the Baron Games will always be rigged. It may not be fair, but hey, life is not fair, and after all its just a game.