Respect is not given out freely


     We all generally know what respect it, but do we know who we should give it to.

     Today, I got into a heated argument with one of my cousins and he demanded respect from me, just because he is older than me. Why should I give him respect just because he is older than me? What kind of thinking is that! I can see where he is coming from because in a typical Asian family the younger people should respect their elders, but I see my case as something different. My cousin comes into my house, and demands respect! It is not even his house! It’s just preposterous! He comes into my house and acts like it’s his with no respect whatsoever.

Why should I give him respect? It is not like he does anything besides come to my house everyday and eats all the food and leeches off everything I have. I absolutely despise him. He claims he is so smart going to a great college and yet he can’t even get a job. If you went to a prestigious college and can’t even obtain a job, what are you doing with your life? He is doing absolutely nothing yet he acts like he has done everything. He has a false image of himself and thinks he is the king of the house whenever he comes over. Why? Because he is older than everyone in the house and that apparently allows him act like a dick to other people even though he doesn’t even live in the house.

     For me personally, I say if you want my respect you have to earn it. You can’t just demand it and expect to get it if you are in MY house. Age does not mean a thing if you haven’t done anything with your life. All my other cousins that come to my house get my respect. It is just this particular one that does not get crap. While my other cousins are older they have earned my respect since they just don’t come barging in the house and demand it. They use their manners and actually have respect when they come into the house.

     Respect and how to obtain it is different in everyone’s eyes, but for me if you want my respect, you have to earn it. Nothing comes easy in life so why should respect be any different.




2015 marcisim CC0 Public Domain

    Siblings as most people know are really annoying. They somehow always find a way to get on your nerves, and even when you tell them to stop they continue to annoy you because they are little brats. All the hard working taking care of them does not even pay off until they are at least 12 years old when they can finally start thinking for themselves. However, even throughout those 12 agonizing years there are times when having a little sibling is totally worth it.

    I have four younger siblings and I can tell you for the most part they are little selfish snobs who ruin everything. I absolutely despise them, especially my two younger sisters, Jenny and Vivian. Jenny being 10 and Vivian being 12, they are at the age where they absolutely have to sing every popular song they hear on the radio out loud. About 8 times a day I have to listen to their horribly singing through the thick maple wood doors. While the doors manage to silence some of the noise, the eerie screeching still manages to penetrate the wood reaching my delicate eardrums. I wish I could just shut them up, but when I try to they just yell, “mom”, and my mom always says something to like, “why do you guys always fight, pick on someone your own size”, and my sister continues to sing and I am left there forced to listen to cows trying to sing.It is very unpleasant to put it politely, to have to little sisters who think they own the house but when they are faced with any danger they coward behind their mommy.

    If you have a little brother however, life is much more enjoyable. I find that my brother, Zachary, is much less snobby and rebellious than my sisters. Probably because I’m his older brother and he actually respects me to some degree. My younger sisters have no respect for me whatsoever, while Zachary listens to me from time to time. While there are glimpses of respect he is still only 6 years old and easily gets on my nerves. What usually triggers me the most is when I tell him to do something and he acknowledges it and then continues to sit there doing his own thing and when I try to pull him up he makes his body lifeless, futile to any more progress. All these hardships however come with lasting rays of hope.

     Hardships are usually accompanied with success and this is true for siblings. After some time of “constructive criticism”m they often bloom to something meaningful. Now, Vivian is much more open to my advice and often follows it after a “couple” of times of telling her. She sees the 17 years of wisdom in my words. Zachary, still has some ways to go before he finally sees my way but he is slowly coming through. And Jenny, now she is a different case. Still in her rebellious stages, she does not listen to me and often yells no matter what it may be until she gets her way. It might be another 10 years before she finally comes around. Tow out of three siblings is not that bad. That’s passing and I’ll take it.

    Siblings are always are burden no matter how compliant and nice they are. They are loads of work, but work always pays off in the end. If you put work in the work success will later ensue. There may be times where it seems that there is no use loving your siblings, but never give up because when times get tough, family is all you’ll have.

Baron Games(2015-2016) Rigged??


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The Baron Games carries this long legacy that it has been rigged so that the Blue team, which consist of freshman and seniors to win. For the past three years that I have attended Fountain Valley High school, I do believe that there is some sort of trickery going on in the Baron Games. Whether it be cheating or being completely rigged so that the last year of the seniors and the first year of the freshman is memorable.

During the week leading up to the Baron Games which is held on Friday, ASB host a series of lunchtime events so that either team can score points. During these lunch time events the judges which mostly consist of seniors are extremely bias. One time during a dance competition the yellow team was clearly the winner of the competition while the blue team’s dance was lackluster and the judges called it a tie! It was like saying Kylo Ren has the same strength as Darth Vader, when we clearly know that Darth Vader is stronger. With the judges being so biased the only time the yellow team can we is when they clearly beat such as in a race which does not have a panel of judges.

Besides the bias senior judges, the Blue team also blatantly cheats and no one says a word. During the last race of the day which was a relay race which consisted of a watermelon eating contest, a hopping race where the participant had to be wrapped in saran wrap, a bike portion, and finally a scavenger hunt to find the combination inside a pool of slime, on the second portion of the race the yellow team was clearly ahead by a good 25 yards, the blue team decides to cheat by breaking out of the saran wrap and running to the bikes. By doing this they were able to catch up to us and win. That wasn’t even the worse part. Before starting the yellow team was up by 14 points and then the judges announce that the last event was worth 15 points and then the judges or whoever was judging this corrupt event changed the points to 20. Why did they need to change it to 20?? It was clearly a scheme so that the blue team would win since that is who the panel of judges consisted of. So in the end, the blue team came out victorious by cheating there way up to the top.

The win for the blue team this year meant that the winning streak would be continued once again. Before last year the blue team would always win and too many people would complain  that it was rigged. So, ASB decide to rig it again but, this year to the yellow’s team advantage so it would not looked rigged that the blue team was winning all the time. However, it was so easy to see through the facade that everyone still knew it was rigged.

No matter what anyone says, the Baron Games will always be rigged. It may not be fair, but hey, life is not fair, and after all its just a game.


Grapes of Wrath greatly exaggerated???

grapes of wrath

Books nonfiction or fiction are for readers enjoyment or the writer’s pleasure. Fiction for the most part are stories that are made up, even if they embodied the ideas of true event.

In the Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, there has been some controversy over Steinbeck greatly exaggerating the events of the Great Depression. While this may be true, the book is suppose to used for enjoyment, but at the same times it embodies the essence of the Great depression. No one claimed the book to be completely accurate and it isn’t. It allows people to grasp the big picture of the Great Depression and the Dust Bust while still being enjoyable to read.

Steinbeck did not have an obligation to be accurate. He just wanted to pursue his passion and write. While some of his facts may be true such as the people migrating to California, the reason for their migration was not. The Dust bowl of 1930 and the Great Depression only contributed to a small percentage of the migration. While the majority was due to the economic boom of 1940. Steinbeck wanted to embody the movement of migration. He didn’t necessarily care if it came from the Dust bowl or the economic boom, but the dust bowl ties in with the theme of the story so much better. That is the job of the author. History can be confusing so Steinbeck changed some information around and made the book more interesting and enjoyable, as it is a fictional book.

The Grapes of Wrath is a fictional book based on the events of a true story which can often allow readers to mix up fact from fiction very easily. While I was reading the book I always thought the the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl of 1930 were the reason people migrated to California, but now I know the real reason they migrated was due to the economic boom of 1940. After reading Steinbeck’s myth of the Okies by Keith Windschuttle, I now have a better understanding of the history behind the Grapes of Wrath. While reading the essay about all the inconsistencies in Steinbeck’s book I was completely bored. If Steinbeck wrote the truth about the Dust bowl, he wouldn’t have sold over 14 million copies of the book. The facts are just too boring to read and Steinbeck found the perfect combination of fiction and non fiction to inform the people about the migration while still being enjoyable to read.

John Steinbeck did not ask his book to define the era of Great Depression but it just so happened to do so. Readers have to remember that it is a fictional book which means that  every word can not be trusted, but it allows reader to grasp the essence of the Great Depression. In that area the Grapes of Wrath exceeds which compelled so many people to read the book and win the Pulitzer prize of Fiction.

Money is the answer to all your problems

  It is often thought that money can solve problems, and that is true, whether it be during the times of the great depression or in 2016. Money is usually thought of as a medium of exchange used to pay for things. It seems that today many problems can be solved solely through money, like paying off America’s 19 trillion dollar debt or just having enough money to pay off college tuition. Either way, money is great and can solve many of the problems that arise in everyday life.


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    In the novel, The Grapes of Wrath written by John Steinbeck, we see that the Joad family’s problems start to arise when the land starts to become unprosperous and yields very little profit, and in return they don’t have enough money to sustain the farm and thus, must sell their house and all the belonging in an effort to make enough money for the big move to California, where prospects seem much more promising. This problem that seemed to affect not only the Joad family, but all of America could have been eased if the government stepped in and gave welfare to the farmers, which would have helped stabilize some families that were still able to live off the land, but the government was in no position to do so. Because, the government did not take action, there is a downward spiraling trend that the America’s economy starts to take. For example once the Joads lost the ability to live off the land and the big banks saw farming as unprofitable, then their neighbors lost their farms to the banks and soon the entire state was unprofitable for farming and this was the start of the chain reaction of horrible events that all could have been solved by money. The Joads were continuously threatened by the problem of money as they made their way to California. They had to be cautious as how they spend their money as “they want a lot for a ol’ tire”(Steinbeck 120), and the Joads were not looking for any unnecessary spending. The Joads had to make the drive in fear guessing when the tire would give out. All the stress could have been alleviated if they could they could of bought that tire and know comfortably that they still had money left to make it to California.  Money plays a crucial part in the economy and everyday life. Without it the world would not function.

    Even 30 years after the great depression everyday Americans are pressed with problems of money. In The language of Composition, it goes over the economy and gives several readings about it. One which particularly stood out was a short excerpt from the book Nickel and Dimed, by Barbara Ehrenreich. Ehrenreich goes undercover from her well paying job as an author and takes on the life of an everyday working american in the 60’s. She starts out working as a waitress for a restaurant but soon finds it pays “only about $7.50 an hour” (Ehrenreich 399). With this nominal amount of money she couldn’t even afford to pay her housing fees, so she was forced to compromise and obtain a second job. This means that most working Americans have to work two jobs just to get by life every single day. Ehrenreich later deemed it too hard to live as an everyday lowly paid working american and decided to quit and continued to pursue her career as an author. Millions of Americans have to work two jobs just to get around! They have to endure an enormous amount of stress each day thinking about it they will have enough money to eat or pay the taxes. If they just had a little bit more money than they would not have to look over their shoulder every time they buy food or any other item. Life would be so much easier if everyone had enough money to live comfortably.

    It seems that money is the root of the problems. Money or the lack of it can even split families apart. Shyima Hall a little Indian girl was sold into slavery by her family in order to pay off a nominal amount of money. For four years she had to work 20 hours a day for 7 days a week, constantly being abused by her owners. It was not a happy life and this type of atrocities happened in 1998. To think that child slavery still occurs in the start of the 21’st century, in a time or relative prosperity is just astonishing. A family could have been spared huge grievance if they just had a little bit more money. This is only one of the many cases that have been reported of child slavery and there still remain millions of stories like this that go unreported. Millions of families are living under the poverty line that they must sell their child, just to pay off a debt. Imagine if everyone had money to live comfortably today. How great would the world be?


    Money is constantly on people’s mind and is a sole source of many problems. With more money people could pay off the debt they had or even just live comfortably knowing that they are financially secured. Money is the cause of many problems, but also the answer to all of them.

Trafficking Awarness



     Just recently my school (Fountain Valley High) had a Day of Dialogue to spread the awareness of Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking is the commerce of people, kids or adults who are sold into various locations and occupation who are often paid very little.The most profitable occupation often being prostitution.  A group called Live2free brought light to this subject and did a superb job of inciting fear while at the same time captivating my attention and really brought a sense that human trafficking happens everywhere and to anyone.

They told a story about this little Indian girl named Shyima Hall who was sold into slavery by her family for a very nominal amount of money. She had to work 20 hours a day, often slept in harsh conditions, and continuously verbally abused, and this all took place in Irvine, California. All these years I thought that trafficking just happened in run down countries and slums but no, it happened in Irvine. A place known for its gated communities and upscale lifestyle. To think that human trafficking took place from just 15 minutes of where I live is just frightening.

5611594783_4a35ba2da9_o (3)

©2011 Ira Gelb [CC BY 2.0]

     To prevent more human trafficking from happening people must be self aware about their surroundings and the products they buy. I say this because, even if you don’t know it you may be contributing to human trafficking by buying products that were made with slave labor and the more you buy of that product the more the smugglers benefit which allows them to continue this process.

The only way to put an end to human trafficking and help people like Shyima Hall, is if people band together and spread the awareness of trafficking. There are various groups in your community such as Live2free that you can join to actively participate in to help halt the abominations that are occurring and remember- Everyone has the right to be FREE.

What is the meaning of life?



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No one really has the answer to life. It is left up to yourself to answer that question which is what makes it so great.

Scientifically, the purpose or meaning of life is just to reproduce and populate the earth, but the majority of the world are not scientist. So, I will explain to you guys what life means to me.

Life is the many purposes you are put on this earth for, whether it was meant to be or just an accident. I believe that your purpose in life is not predetermined and you can decide where and what you want to do in life.

I would say a key moment in a person’s life is the time they are in college. They get to learn so much more about themselves and most of all they will pick a career that may stick with them for a life time. College is a time about about exploring and if you never explore then how can you discover yourself. Imagine all the possibilities in life. You could be siting in class one day and discover your love for aerospace and boom, the next moment you are an astronaut. Anything is possible as long as you want it bad enough.

It is very hard to find an exact purpose in life so I like to think of life of having many purposes. Maybe you want to become a parent and raise your child but at the same time you want to be a an Olympic athlete. Both can be accomplished in life. Maybe not at the same time but purposes in life do not always have to take a life time to complete. You might think that is your purpose in life but it is really not. No one can really answer this question except you. Only  you can control you. Fate cannot control your life unless you let it.

Life is beautiful and you should cherish every moment you have on this earth because you never now when your last breath may be. No matter how hard life gets just remember that it is always temporary and that better things lie ahead. Life will always have its up and downs but hey that’s life. When you look back on your life you will realize that there is so much more in life then that one bad moment. You only have one chance and should cherish it forever.

Mitsubishi Evo vs. Subaru Sti

The Evo vs. the Sti , a long disputed question that has been asked by car enthusiasts time and time again. Both come from a world rally pedigree of greatness,  have a 2.0 4-cylinder turbo charge engine and are 4 wheel drive. So what defines the two apart?


2016 Wrx

The Subaru with about 305 hp against the Mitsubishi with 291 hp has a slight edge against the Evo, but it doesn’t stop there. The ride and road noise on the Sti is much less noticeably than its competitor. The loud road noise is most likely due to the fact that it was not meant to be a very comfortably road car. It sacrificed the luxury for speed and handling which it excels at greatly.


©2007 baku13  [CC BY-SA 3.0]

On the other hand while the Sti is also focused on speed and handling it offers a more luxurious ride and interior compared to the Mitsubishi. The 2015 Subaru sti offers an updated star-link in vehicle technology with a 7 inch touch screen, while the 2015 Mitsubishi Evo offers an outdated Color LCD Multi-Information Display that is not well built. Nothing seems refined in the Evo while in the Sti it feels as if Subaru has spent years refining the car to the point where it becomes a master piece.

However, these cars come at price with the Subaru setting you back  $34,695 for the base model and the Mitsubishi $34,495. Both these cars are fairly reasonably priced for what they have to offer, but there are cars out there nowadays that offer more horsepower for the price such as the 2016 Ford Focus Rs offer 350hp for only $35,900.

Nevertheless the Subaru Sti is superior to both cars due to its handling, updated engine on the WRX models, refinement, and luxury accommodaties that the Mitsubishi Evo could never compete with. Maybe that is why they discounted the model.


Eddie the Eagle, an true story about an underdog Britain ski jumper. Micheal (Eddie) Edwards was never really an athlete in his younger years. He would always get picked last on teams and had about no athletic skill at all, but he did have perseverance. He had one dream in life that he pursed furiously, which was going to the Winter Olympics.

So he started his journey to become an Olympic ski jumper for Great Britain. He started on the the baby slopes of 15 meter which he crushed effortlessly. Then after just one try he went up to the 40 meter jump.The height did not scare him at all. He was so determined to go the Olympics that even after 10 tries on the 40 meter slope and failing massively with a bunch of cuts and bruises he got up for an eleventh time. That eleventh time could have probably killed him yet he still went up the slope, but this time he managed to land  it.

Now that he landed the 40 meter slope he thought he was ready for the Olympic slopes of 70 and 90 meter. These slopes could possibly kill him yet he still push forward. Now at Olympic size slopes Eddie thought he was ready for the Olympics, which he technically was so he signed up for the Olympics. He made it! His life long dream of going to the Winter Olympics ever since he was just a little kid. At the Olympics even though he had never been on the 90 meter slope he attempted it in the Olympics game. This huge feat that he has never completed before and he wanted to attempt it in the Olympics! He was fearful of dying yet he still went. The moment he landed he set a personal and Great Britain record of 73. 5 meters. Even though he got last the Olympic games was not about winning for him.”The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well”(Olympic creed).



Many things in life need dedication in order to succeed. Success does not just happen. Success is a combination of countless hours of honing your craft and failure. Failure will always accompany success, because failure is what makes you who you are today. Without it you would not know how to pick yourself back up after you fall down. The most successful people learn from there mistakes so that they may never make that mistake again. That is how you become great in life. It all comes down to dedication.Without dedication you will never reach your full potential.

Should I drink tonight?

Why do people go crazy over this alcoholic beverage? Beer the most common alcoholic beverage consumed has many side effects including liver damage, weight gain, and impaired motor skills, but why do people still do it.


I tend to think that most of the time people drink beer to relax after a long day at work and that’s all fine if its only one or two, but when the bottle count starts to get up to five or six things can get out of hand real fast. When they  get in the car for the drive home their cognitive abilities are also impaired, thinking that its okay to drive home while drunk. When they start to drive they not only put their own lives at risk, but the lives of others. Every day in the United States 30 people die from car accidents related to alcohol. That equates to 10950 a year. Imagine if people stopped drinking and driving. 10950 lives could be saved each year by just calling a taxi home instead of trying to drive while impaired.

Another reason why people drink beer so often is that it takes away all the anxiety and pain for those few hours. Most legal drinking is done in bars where guys go pick up girls for the night out. The alcohol slowly eases people in to a nirvana like state allowing them to do things they never would have thought possible, like a shy guy talking to a girl. At that moment people are not thinking straight and usually do outrageous things and when they wake up, they usually cannot remember most of their night. Alcohol is a very powerful drug that can make you feel ecstatic for a couple hours and leave you feeling horrible the next day.

There is a saying, “everything in moderation”. One or two beers after a long night will not kill you. Drinking is not necessarily bad. It is only usually bad when people do not know their limits and drink like there is no tomorrow.