Respect is not given out freely


     We all generally know what respect it, but do we know who we should give it to.

     Today, I got into a heated argument with one of my cousins and he demanded respect from me, just because he is older than me. Why should I give him respect just because he is older than me? What kind of thinking is that! I can see where he is coming from because in a typical Asian family the younger people should respect their elders, but I see my case as something different. My cousin comes into my house, and demands respect! It is not even his house! It’s just preposterous! He comes into my house and acts like it’s his with no respect whatsoever.

Why should I give him respect? It is not like he does anything besides come to my house everyday and eats all the food and leeches off everything I have. I absolutely despise him. He claims he is so smart going to a great college and yet he can’t even get a job. If you went to a prestigious college and can’t even obtain a job, what are you doing with your life? He is doing absolutely nothing yet he acts like he has done everything. He has a false image of himself and thinks he is the king of the house whenever he comes over. Why? Because he is older than everyone in the house and that apparently allows him act like a dick to other people even though he doesn’t even live in the house.

     For me personally, I say if you want my respect you have to earn it. You can’t just demand it and expect to get it if you are in MY house. Age does not mean a thing if you haven’t done anything with your life. All my other cousins that come to my house get my respect. It is just this particular one that does not get crap. While my other cousins are older they have earned my respect since they just don’t come barging in the house and demand it. They use their manners and actually have respect when they come into the house.

     Respect and how to obtain it is different in everyone’s eyes, but for me if you want my respect, you have to earn it. Nothing comes easy in life so why should respect be any different.


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