What’s your favorite kind of pizza?

So there was this one time I was having pizza for lunch; the pizza was plain cheese. After about half way into my meal, I was overcame by a sudden epiphany, I don’t really like plain cheese pizza very much. On another time, I had pizza once again but only this time it wasn’t plain old cheese; it was the ever so popular pepperoni. About half way into my pizza I deduced that I enjoyed pepperoni much more compared to plain old cheese. Why my non existent audience may be asking? Well it’s likely because pepperoni had a bit of variety.

©2006 Marc Resnick [CC by 220]

Okay, one topping doesn’t really count as variety I’ll admit, but the pepperoni was just enough to give the pizza a little punch which I and my taste buds enjoyed. Now I’ll come clean, over my whole, entire life, the types of pizza I have eaten are severely limited. I have only eaten pizzas of the likes of plain cheese, pepperoni, anchovies, Hawaiian, and supreme which is pretty much everything on one pizza. I was never one for anything that is fish related so I pretty much avoided anchovies after the first bite. When I was younger I had Hawaiian and I thought it was kind of weird to have fruits on a pizza, but over time I got used to and enjoyed the pizza.

Now like Hawaiian, I had supreme pizza when I was quite young and it stuck with me through the entirety of my life. It all happened when my dad brought pizza home and in one of the boxes was supreme pizza. At first I whined that there was another pizza besides pepperoni but my father goaded me into trying and I did, the taste that met my tongue did not disappoint. That was when I found that supreme was my favorite kind of pizza.

The reason supreme pizza is my favorite because of the plethora of toppings that were able to synchronize into one delicious burst of flavor. It’s like America, one huge mesh pot of mixed cultures. Well thats my favorite what’s yours?


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