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    Siblings as most people know are really annoying. They somehow always find a way to get on your nerves, and even when you tell them to stop they continue to annoy you because they are little brats. All the hard working taking care of them does not even pay off until they are at least 12 years old when they can finally start thinking for themselves. However, even throughout those 12 agonizing years there are times when having a little sibling is totally worth it.

    I have four younger siblings and I can tell you for the most part they are little selfish snobs who ruin everything. I absolutely despise them, especially my two younger sisters, Jenny and Vivian. Jenny being 10 and Vivian being 12, they are at the age where they absolutely have to sing every popular song they hear on the radio out loud. About 8 times a day I have to listen to their horribly singing through the thick maple wood doors. While the doors manage to silence some of the noise, the eerie screeching still manages to penetrate the wood reaching my delicate eardrums. I wish I could just shut them up, but when I try to they just yell, “mom”, and my mom always says something to like, “why do you guys always fight, pick on someone your own size”, and my sister continues to sing and I am left there forced to listen to cows trying to sing.It is very unpleasant to put it politely, to have to little sisters who think they own the house but when they are faced with any danger they coward behind their mommy.

    If you have a little brother however, life is much more enjoyable. I find that my brother, Zachary, is much less snobby and rebellious than my sisters. Probably because I’m his older brother and he actually respects me to some degree. My younger sisters have no respect for me whatsoever, while Zachary listens to me from time to time. While there are glimpses of respect he is still only 6 years old and easily gets on my nerves. What usually triggers me the most is when I tell him to do something and he acknowledges it and then continues to sit there doing his own thing and when I try to pull him up he makes his body lifeless, futile to any more progress. All these hardships however come with lasting rays of hope.

     Hardships are usually accompanied with success and this is true for siblings. After some time of “constructive criticism”m they often bloom to something meaningful. Now, Vivian is much more open to my advice and often follows it after a “couple” of times of telling her. She sees the 17 years of wisdom in my words. Zachary, still has some ways to go before he finally sees my way but he is slowly coming through. And Jenny, now she is a different case. Still in her rebellious stages, she does not listen to me and often yells no matter what it may be until she gets her way. It might be another 10 years before she finally comes around. Tow out of three siblings is not that bad. That’s passing and I’ll take it.

    Siblings are always are burden no matter how compliant and nice they are. They are loads of work, but work always pays off in the end. If you put work in the work success will later ensue. There may be times where it seems that there is no use loving your siblings, but never give up because when times get tough, family is all you’ll have.


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  1. queenbmiller · May 16, 2016

    As an only child I would say that you are truly blessed just lost my mom now it’s just me and my dad

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