Respect is not given out freely


     We all generally know what respect it, but do we know who we should give it to.

     Today, I got into a heated argument with one of my cousins and he demanded respect from me, just because he is older than me. Why should I give him respect just because he is older than me? What kind of thinking is that! I can see where he is coming from because in a typical Asian family the younger people should respect their elders, but I see my case as something different. My cousin comes into my house, and demands respect! It is not even his house! It’s just preposterous! He comes into my house and acts like it’s his with no respect whatsoever.

Why should I give him respect? It is not like he does anything besides come to my house everyday and eats all the food and leeches off everything I have. I absolutely despise him. He claims he is so smart going to a great college and yet he can’t even get a job. If you went to a prestigious college and can’t even obtain a job, what are you doing with your life? He is doing absolutely nothing yet he acts like he has done everything. He has a false image of himself and thinks he is the king of the house whenever he comes over. Why? Because he is older than everyone in the house and that apparently allows him act like a dick to other people even though he doesn’t even live in the house.

     For me personally, I say if you want my respect you have to earn it. You can’t just demand it and expect to get it if you are in MY house. Age does not mean a thing if you haven’t done anything with your life. All my other cousins that come to my house get my respect. It is just this particular one that does not get crap. While my other cousins are older they have earned my respect since they just don’t come barging in the house and demand it. They use their manners and actually have respect when they come into the house.

     Respect and how to obtain it is different in everyone’s eyes, but for me if you want my respect, you have to earn it. Nothing comes easy in life so why should respect be any different.


“Check Yourself”

Your day begins with your alarm screaming at you. 7:30 am is what is on the clock when you roll onto your side to look up at it. You roll out of bed and groggily eat breakfast and get ready for school, and stumble into the car at 7:47 am. You half-heartedly jog to your first class of the day at 7:59 and collapse into your seat a second before the bell rings. You live another day. “Projects are due right now!” Your teacher declares. You force yourself upward and hand in your 1278 word report to your teacher, which barely met the 1250 word requirement. You then collapse into your seat and sleep through the class; you pulled-an all nighter typing that thing.


Procrastination is quite a problem for some people. They wait until the deadline to turn in the project or report, and finish the whole thing before, while spending all the previous time relaxing and not doing anything. I suppose some people like the pressure of the deadline, but for others who don’t find that adrenaline appealing, it’s a problem.

I always told myself that I wouldn’t and couldn’t succumb to the disease which was procrastination; I had an almost perfect work ethic, I worked on things way before they were due, and I felt the pressure of the finish line the second the project was assigned. “What if there are complications? I must surely get the project done early, juuuust in case anything pops up, like a project for another class.” More relevant to now, the day my math teacher assigned our class a project, to create a 3D model of “a revolution of a function around a fixed axis.” While I planned out what I was going to make, many people in my class were casually talking to each other. “Is that your project,” asked my friend. “Yea, I haven’t assembled it yet,” I replied. “I haven’t even bought the things for the project yet,” he declared. We had this conversation only yesterday.

However, I did have moments where I did fall into the depth of despair. Only recently had I realized I was a giant procrastinator. I’m currently 17 and a month, and the deadline for turning in an eagle scout application is at 18. It takes almost half a year to finish, so I’m pretty worried and stressed out. It eats away at my soul and mind almost nags at me every day. As of recent, I have been going “ham” on it, but still, looking back, I realized that I’ve taken almost forever to just get to the point where I’m at. At least I recognize the problem, so I can make an attempt at fixing it.

I feel much better about myself now, I’ve gotten myself to do something about my problems. It takes little effort to look, but much more to do something. At least this change is good for me, so it’s well worth the effort to make a change for the better, like going through rehab to get off the drug that is procrastination, and it all begins with the thought of wanting change.


Your day begins with your alarm screaming at you. 6:45 am is what is on the clock when you sit straight up to look up at it. You jump of bed and energetically eat breakfast and get ready for school, and leap into the car at 7:25 am. You walk to your first class of the day at 7:50 and set yourself into your seat long before the bell rings. You live another day. “Projects are due right now!” Your teacher declares. You jump up and hand in your 1743 (high quality) word report to your teacher, which far surpassed the 1250 word requirement. You then proudly land on your seat and pay attention; you typed that thing a week ago, proofread it a couple of times, and got a great night’s sleep last night.


What’s your favorite kind of pizza?

So there was this one time I was having pizza for lunch; the pizza was plain cheese. After about half way into my meal, I was overcame by a sudden epiphany, I don’t really like plain cheese pizza very much. On another time, I had pizza once again but only this time it wasn’t plain old cheese; it was the ever so popular pepperoni. About half way into my pizza I deduced that I enjoyed pepperoni much more compared to plain old cheese. Why my non existent audience may be asking? Well it’s likely because pepperoni had a bit of variety.

©2006 Marc Resnick [CC by 220]

Okay, one topping doesn’t really count as variety I’ll admit, but the pepperoni was just enough to give the pizza a little punch which I and my taste buds enjoyed. Now I’ll come clean, over my whole, entire life, the types of pizza I have eaten are severely limited. I have only eaten pizzas of the likes of plain cheese, pepperoni, anchovies, Hawaiian, and supreme which is pretty much everything on one pizza. I was never one for anything that is fish related so I pretty much avoided anchovies after the first bite. When I was younger I had Hawaiian and I thought it was kind of weird to have fruits on a pizza, but over time I got used to and enjoyed the pizza.

Now like Hawaiian, I had supreme pizza when I was quite young and it stuck with me through the entirety of my life. It all happened when my dad brought pizza home and in one of the boxes was supreme pizza. At first I whined that there was another pizza besides pepperoni but my father goaded me into trying and I did, the taste that met my tongue did not disappoint. That was when I found that supreme was my favorite kind of pizza.

The reason supreme pizza is my favorite because of the plethora of toppings that were able to synchronize into one delicious burst of flavor. It’s like America, one huge mesh pot of mixed cultures. Well thats my favorite what’s yours?



2015 marcisim CC0 Public Domain

    Siblings as most people know are really annoying. They somehow always find a way to get on your nerves, and even when you tell them to stop they continue to annoy you because they are little brats. All the hard working taking care of them does not even pay off until they are at least 12 years old when they can finally start thinking for themselves. However, even throughout those 12 agonizing years there are times when having a little sibling is totally worth it.

    I have four younger siblings and I can tell you for the most part they are little selfish snobs who ruin everything. I absolutely despise them, especially my two younger sisters, Jenny and Vivian. Jenny being 10 and Vivian being 12, they are at the age where they absolutely have to sing every popular song they hear on the radio out loud. About 8 times a day I have to listen to their horribly singing through the thick maple wood doors. While the doors manage to silence some of the noise, the eerie screeching still manages to penetrate the wood reaching my delicate eardrums. I wish I could just shut them up, but when I try to they just yell, “mom”, and my mom always says something to like, “why do you guys always fight, pick on someone your own size”, and my sister continues to sing and I am left there forced to listen to cows trying to sing.It is very unpleasant to put it politely, to have to little sisters who think they own the house but when they are faced with any danger they coward behind their mommy.

    If you have a little brother however, life is much more enjoyable. I find that my brother, Zachary, is much less snobby and rebellious than my sisters. Probably because I’m his older brother and he actually respects me to some degree. My younger sisters have no respect for me whatsoever, while Zachary listens to me from time to time. While there are glimpses of respect he is still only 6 years old and easily gets on my nerves. What usually triggers me the most is when I tell him to do something and he acknowledges it and then continues to sit there doing his own thing and when I try to pull him up he makes his body lifeless, futile to any more progress. All these hardships however come with lasting rays of hope.

     Hardships are usually accompanied with success and this is true for siblings. After some time of “constructive criticism”m they often bloom to something meaningful. Now, Vivian is much more open to my advice and often follows it after a “couple” of times of telling her. She sees the 17 years of wisdom in my words. Zachary, still has some ways to go before he finally sees my way but he is slowly coming through. And Jenny, now she is a different case. Still in her rebellious stages, she does not listen to me and often yells no matter what it may be until she gets her way. It might be another 10 years before she finally comes around. Tow out of three siblings is not that bad. That’s passing and I’ll take it.

    Siblings are always are burden no matter how compliant and nice they are. They are loads of work, but work always pays off in the end. If you put work in the work success will later ensue. There may be times where it seems that there is no use loving your siblings, but never give up because when times get tough, family is all you’ll have.