Knights Looks Cool!

I don’t know how or when, but I also had an interest in knights when I my age was still single digits. Is it their admittedly awesome looking armor, made from only the finest iron or steel? Is it their intricate, difficult training and their not so difficult training from a lowly page to a fully-fledged knight? Is it their code of chivalry where they protect their lords and less folks such as peasants from “evil” (bandits)? Is it their tales of wearing shiny armor, going on fantasy like adventures, slaying huge fire breathing dragons, rescuing and consequently marrying princesses? Okay, the last point likely never happened in history but it probably what drawn me to knights.

©2014 Emperor Maximus [CCO 2.0]

Well like I have mentioned earlier, what likely drew me in to the awesomeness that are knights were probably tales that involved one slaying a fire breathing dragon and saving the princess and such. Now as I’ve grown older, and actually listened in my history class, I’ve learned that knights never actually saved princesses from stone towers or slayed dragons and what not (I mean over my so-and-so years alive, I have never seen one dragon).

Firstly, let’s learn a little bit about the training of a knight. Training starts once a boy reaches the ripe age of eight years old, but not just any boy. One must be born into it or specifically chosen out. Boys do not become a knight straight away, they start out as a page and must work their way up to squire then to knight. Training consists of writing, music, weapons, and of course the chivalry.

The Knights Code of Chivalry is an oath that must be taken by all knights. Once taking said oath, a Knight is expected to follow his lord or liege and protect his lord/liege’s land and people. The Knights Code of Chivalry also expanded to also protecting those lesser than him, such as peasants and common folk.

Even though knights aren’t the dragon slayers and princess savers that I have pictured them when I was younger, they are still honorable warriors who serve their lords and protect the innocents from dangers. They truly are awesome!


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