Question Exploration: Money

What exactly is money? Money is an item, preferably items such as coins, papers, and banknotes, that is recognized as a medium of economic exchange for items that ranged from food, clothes, furniture and services that range from classes, house cleanings, or repairs. To this day, we as people rely universally on money to buy the things I had recently mentioned, money makes the world go round after all. With our extensive use of coins and paper, people soon began to question if money is the answer to our problems in the world. If so, could money solve any sort of problem? Admittedly, it is obvious that money had proved to be quite useful in things like food, clothes, shelter, and general survival. However, things becomes less obvious and more vague when asked if money is able to solve problems like depression or even a death of a loved one. Even with that in mind, I believe that money is a great answer to many if not all problems.

In John Steinbeck’s popular novel, The Grapes of Wrath, the protagonist, Tom Joad, and his family had experienced a money problem. Due to the Joad’s lack of money, the bank had taken ownership of the Joad family’s land and forced them out of said land to make room for the new tractors that would now be working the fields. Met with this unfortunate event, the Joads had decided to venture off to California for work as they have heard about how prosperous and how great America’s Golden State was. This became a common trend in the entire novel as almost every farmer had experienced a money problem and had been forced off their land as they had little to no choice what so ever. However, even with the severity of the problem, this problem could have easily been solved with one simple solution, money. Money could have allowed the farmers to support their family. allowed the farmers to keep their land, allowed the farmers to no venture to California for work. Later in the novel, the grandpa Joad had suffered a “stroke…a good quick stroke” (138) and died. Although the family mourned for their loss, they almost immediately got over it as they knew they still had to get to California and look for a job. Did money just solve the problem of losing a loved one? Perhaps.

I continue my research by looking through my class’s english textbook The Language of Composition, namely chapter seven The Economy. The book refers economy to as “the production, trade, and consumption of goods and services” (393). As I continue to read further into the chapter, I was met with a short excerpt about Barbara Ehrenreich, a best selling author who wrote a book called Nickel and Dimed. Nickel and Dimed is about the author’s experience at working minimum wage in the 1960s; she learned how stressful and low-paying the life of an everyday person was. In The Language of Composition, she talks about “a fat person’s hell” (394), which was having every sort of food around you but the catch it you had to pay for all the bites you take. With that in mind, one would lose all their money at a record pace. However, with sufficient money, this problem could have easily been remedied as one would could eat as much as one want to without the worry of any sort of money problem.

I have decided to look to the internet to help me find the answer to the age old question if money solves all problems. I soon came upon a post from a woman named Kathleen Elkins. The post reads about millionaire Steve Siebold’s research on over twelve hundred wealthy people for thirty years. The self-made millionaire Siebold had found that the majority of the wealthy people he researched on admitted that money had “solve most problems”. As you can see, money is a great problem solver, admitted by the wealthiest people in the world. The post continues to talk about how it may be uncomfortable to believe that money could be one’s salvation as many have believed that money leads to corruption. But as shown from this post, money isn’t always seen as a necessary evil but as more reassuring.

Through hours of research, I can confirm that money is a great problem solver. Money is what keeps us motivated as shown in The Grapes of Wrath. Money is what keeps us alive as shown in The Language of Composition. Money is what keeps us happy as shown in Kathleen Elkins’s post.



  1. Cjats · April 12, 2016

    Great stuff @i8yourpie ! I enjoyed the fact that you explored how money can also solve problems despite its negative connotation and greed.


  2. aika4800 · April 12, 2016

    Your statements are very true. I like that you took us step by step through your process of discovering your answer


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