An Inescapable Truth

This is an event that happens to everyone. This event happens to at least one person every second. It occurs no matter what race or gender you might be, morals you hold, beliefs you might have, or life you live. It will eventually happen to everyone. It is inevitable that this would happen.

For death is an inescapable truth.

Death may come in a variety of forms: choked, drowned, crushed, shot, beaten, burned, frozen, stabbed, electrocuted, overdosed, and many more. Death is prevalent  all throughout society. Death can be seen in news articles, television, games, or even your own front yard. The concept of death is learned by many through media or possibly a personal experience. I don’t particularly like that children learn about the concept of death so early in their lives.

Nothing is an exception to death. Everything that lives must die sooner or later. It’s like the saying, “What goes up must come down.” Nothing that lives can avoid death.

Well, I wouldn’t say that there are no exceptions to death. The Turritopsis dohrnii, otherwise known as the Immortal Jellyfish, is quite possibly the only living thing that is an exception to death. When it experiences physical harm, gets sick, or is old, it reverts itself into a stage before it was a jellyfish. This ability gives it an indefinite lifespan. Though they can die from predators and from diseases, this animal is the closest thing we have seen to real immortality.

On the topic of immortality, there have been many stories of people that have tried to obtain immortality over the last hundreds of years. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, made around 18th century BCE, King Gilgamesh goes off on a quest to find immortality but ultimately does not find it. Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, searched for a way to live forever and died because of it by ingesting mercury pill, thinking that it would extend his life. Ponce de León tried to find immortality in the form of the Fountain of Youth in Florida in 1513 and like the other tales, he failed to do so.

Immortality does sound tempting. The ability to not die in any circumstance. I think a lot of people would love to be immortal. I myself would like to be immortal, but I can’t ignore the one problem that comes along with immortality.

Immortals would live pretty lonely lives. As the years pass by, the people around you get older while you stay the same. You must watch as your loved ones pass away and you are left alone. Sure, you could always make new friends, but you know that they will die and you would have to continue along without them.

I for one do not like being lonely. I hate the feeling of losing someone. I just can’t handle it. A solution for me would be to have everyone that I think is important to me be immortal as well. That would solve that problem.

Immortality does sound tempting and I would honestly take it if I had the chance as long as the people I care about get it too. I just don’t want everyone in the world to take up this chance as well.

If everyone in the world were immortal, then weapons would no longer be needed. World peace would actually be achievable to a degree. But even though weapons would no longer be needed, they would still be produced. People would still lust for money and power. Resources would be consumed much quicker than ever before. The world would become overpopulated and most likely war would break out for land and resources. The world would most likely fall into chaos.

Death is something that nobody can avoid. I do wish that I can avoid it. Many people do. Some of those people are attempting to extend human life through various means. But for now, we must deal with the fact that we will all die some day. So the best thing to do is to live life without any regrets so death doesn’t matter to us anymore.


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