Mitsubishi Evo vs. Subaru Sti

The Evo vs. the Sti , a long disputed question that has been asked by car enthusiasts time and time again. Both come from a world rally pedigree of greatness,  have a 2.0 4-cylinder turbo charge engine and are 4 wheel drive. So what defines the two apart?


2016 Wrx

The Subaru with about 305 hp against the Mitsubishi with 291 hp has a slight edge against the Evo, but it doesn’t stop there. The ride and road noise on the Sti is much less noticeably than its competitor. The loud road noise is most likely due to the fact that it was not meant to be a very comfortably road car. It sacrificed the luxury for speed and handling which it excels at greatly.


©2007 baku13  [CC BY-SA 3.0]

On the other hand while the Sti is also focused on speed and handling it offers a more luxurious ride and interior compared to the Mitsubishi. The 2015 Subaru sti offers an updated star-link in vehicle technology with a 7 inch touch screen, while the 2015 Mitsubishi Evo offers an outdated Color LCD Multi-Information Display that is not well built. Nothing seems refined in the Evo while in the Sti it feels as if Subaru has spent years refining the car to the point where it becomes a master piece.

However, these cars come at price with the Subaru setting you back  $34,695 for the base model and the Mitsubishi $34,495. Both these cars are fairly reasonably priced for what they have to offer, but there are cars out there nowadays that offer more horsepower for the price such as the 2016 Ford Focus Rs offer 350hp for only $35,900.

Nevertheless the Subaru Sti is superior to both cars due to its handling, updated engine on the WRX models, refinement, and luxury accommodaties that the Mitsubishi Evo could never compete with. Maybe that is why they discounted the model.


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