Steven Universe: Sadie’s Song

Ah Steven Universe, how I love thee. Steven Universe is currently Cartoon Network’s most popular animated cartoon series and for obvious reasons. The show has great animation, colorful scenery, unique story, likable and relatable characters. Oh god the characters are my favorite part of the show, all of them are so colorful and varied, even the side characters are amazing! Now by reading the title of the blog, you can tell that I’m only focusing on a single episode, Sadie’s Song.

©2015 Cartoon Network [CC by 2.0]

Now if you ever watched the show, Sadie is a reoccurring character in the series who not only works at a donuts shop but also one of Steven’s, the main character, good friends. She later got her own episode dedicated to her in season two.

The episode starts off with Steven handing out flyers to advertise tonight’s Beach-A-Palooza. He soon makes way to his local donuts shop where he finds Sadie singing a song. Now knowing Sadie’s singing talents, Steven tries to convince Sadie to participate in the Beach-A-Palooza. Sadie at first was reluctant but soon starts to warm up to the idea. That is until her mom, Barbara, gets involved. Barbara began to become over-bearing, telling Sadie what to do, what to wear, and such. When the Beach-A-Palooza finally starts, Sadie bales out last minute due to her not liking the adjustments Barbara made. The episode ends with Steven taking Sadie’s place on stage and Sadie and her mother talking it out, reaching a common ground.

This episode is one of my favorites in season two as this episode was able to keep me captivated even with the lack of main characters. This really accentuates the variety of unique and likable characters in the show. Also the song played in this episode is a nice plus. I also related to this episode a bit, similar to Sadie, my own mother have made me done several things that I wasn’t fond of.

In the end, Sadie’s Song is one of my favorite as it was able to keep my attention and is relatable to me by a great deal.


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