A Path of Fire

Lately I have been told of this great fantasy book with magic, dragons, and the beautiful elves. It is the book Eragon by Christopher Paolini. This story begins as most do, with an unimpressive protagonist. The protagonist in this case is a farm boy named Eragon. As Eragon is hunting in the woods nearby his family’s farm he finds a strange blue stone, which he has never seen anything like it before. As the story progresses we learn that this rock is not actually a rock, but an egg of the most fearsome creatures known to man. Dragons. When the dragon finally hatches it makes a sort of bond with Eragon by touching his hand. Eragon trains and nurtures this dragon of his, until it is strong enough to get by on its own. Later we learn that mysterious people want to do harm to Eragon because he has this dragon. These men do just that. These mysterious people kill his uncle and burn down his entire farm because Eragon fled to protect his dragon. I must stop myself here because I fear that I may reveal too much of this novel to you. Books of dragons and magic have always been an interesting topic to read about, because they are usually unique and different. This is not the case here. Paolini follows the same footsteps in his story as many other fantasy authors do. It just seems too repetitive. Most of the book is following the basic fantasy plot, where you have a hero who goes on a long perilous quest for revenge. I would rate this book a measly 6/10. The only reason why I rated it this highly is, while it may be so much alike other fantasy novels, it still has a good plot and is packed with intense action packed moments. While this book may not be for me, I would still recommend it to anyone looking for a good fantasy novel. On this final note, I will be leaving you.-Zach


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