A magical Adventure

Today I want to bring to you one of the greatest experiences known to modern day literature. You may ask yourself, “What might that be?” It is one of the greatest books written, read by both children and adults, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K Rowling. Originally I was very lenient on reading this book since it was labeled as a child’s book, but I can firmly say that this is not the case. Personally I would rate this book a solid 8/10. It all begins with an Englishman Mr. Dursley. This particular Englishman begins to notice a few strange things happening on his way to work that day. The book shifts to later that night where a wizard named Dumbledore explains that a particular child’s parents where killed by an evil wizard. When he returns to his house later that night, Mr. Dursley finds a small child in a basket, with a note explaining the events that led up to him needing to take care of the child. Ten years pass by and we learn of the horrors this adopted child goes through. This child we learn is named Harry Potter. Harry lives a terrible and sad life, but little does he know, that is all going to change— that very night.  Because he was no ordinary boy. Harry was a wizard. Mr. Dursley starts to panic after seeing both the magical things Harry has unknowingly been doing and the invitations from the magical school Hogwarts.  In his state of panic Mr. Dursley leads Harry and the rest of his family off to a secluded island away from their house. As they are sleeping they hear a loud bang on the door. The door opens slowly. They see a dark bulky giant walk into the room, which promptly walks up and hands Harry his invitation to Hogwarts. I will now leave you with a sense of mystery so that you are intrigued enough to go out and buy this book. This is not the only book in the series. It is actually the first in a seven book series. So without further ado goodbye. – Zach


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