Different opinions

Are arguments and different opinions healthy for society? Does everyone have the entitlement to their opinion? In many places, opinions seem to usually be a majority, or are near even enough to cause fighting? Possibly, it is good because we all have the right to speak freely.

In my english class, we did a writing workshop where in groups, we review, assess, and provide constructive criticism on each other’s essays, usually all essays have the same topic or structure, but vary from person to person so we can compare easily. This particular time, we got an argument essay where the three other members of my group argued the exact opposite argument from mine. Listening to the same argument three times with more evidence piling, I felt that I had made the clearly wrong choice in opinion and topic, and the repetition drilled into my head their points of why their argument was correct. I assumed that their opposite arguments would result in them being harsher to me, which I thought would be bad for me.

However, I realized that their possible harshness towards my opinion might help me. By being more critical, both myself and the others could improve our arguments by listening to each other and finding flaws and weaknesses to use in our counter arguments, or in my case, to some degree, convert me to their side of the argument with some debate. It was great, because besides improving each other’s structure, we could help each others arguments. At the end of the session, my paper had a good amount of criticism, as did theirs, and all of us could improve.

By arguing and/or debating, we can help to prove a point because it is only natural for there to be multiple points of view, meaning that debates are natural as well. Courts and debates are proof of this, where two or more arguments can butt heads with each other to prove which is right in a more civil discussion. For example, the presidential race is a debate on which idea or argument is most representative of the people through popular votes. Candidates travel from state to state in hopes that they can convince enough people to join their party and earn their vote so that they can win the year’s campaign. The one who wins has the majority support for their idea of how the candidate should run the country for that term, and the public opinion shifts over time so that one argument is not always correct.

Debates are natural in society, and help to improve all people’s beliefs, which occur to enlighten people, and often improve and develop each other’s’ arguments along the way.


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