Post-Finals Goals


Many students often struggle with their subjects and classes in school, often because of procrastination and lack of organization, myself included within this group. Some of my projects were lazily and hastily done, often at the last moments before a deadline, like my spanish culture projects. My biology notebook is in such disorder that I wouldn’t even dare study from my own notebook for quizzes and tests. I, like many others, need to change my habits so I don’t struggle and become stressed in the future.


With the second semester peeking its ugly head from around the corner, I need to be ready to deal with all of the problems to come my way. For starters I need to be motivated to do something, because I can start a good habit, but without motivation or confidence, those actions won’t carry over in the long run. An article by Teresa Mears that I read had highlighted some details that I could use to improve my efficiency, like using a calendar with everything on it, checking it daily, and organizing my items and tools for ease of use and access when doing homework. I hope to use my planner more often as a daily to-do list that I check a few times every day to ensure that I do everything I need to do for the day (I’ve missed a few assignment submissions due to forgetting to check if I finished everything. Yikes!).

With the closing of the first semester and the opening of the second, school will be especially tough as the second half of junior year becomes one of the hardest in my school career, so far. It is probably a tad bit late (very late) to have realized my bad habits, and like the SAT, I need to experiment different styles for the maximum efficiency of my time and resources to get the most out of school life.

The second semester is the perfect time to iron out habits that I need to get rid of or acquire. This will hopefully be successful, and will serve as a late New Year’s Resolution. Day two of the semester, and I am checking my planner more often and ensuring that I finish, publish, and submit everything that needs to be done. I could possibly do my culture project for spanish earlier, long before the due date so I don’t have a project crunch time. I need to stay focused when doing my work, stop getting off task, and distracting myself from work, practice, and studying especially with AP tests only 4 months away. Pinpointing my weaknesses and ironing out the creases on my pants to make myself clean and presentable.

Help out around the house, organize your life, do spring cleaning every season! These are the things I am hoping to pull off and get success from in the future, the short run, and the long run, acquire good habits for life, and take control of my life once again! I’m going to get things done and set things straight, once check mark at a time.



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