Why do people play video games?

Video game, an electronic game that involves human interaction to manipulate the images that is produced by a computer program which is then displayed on a TV screen and/or a computer monitor.

However, what makes video games so entertaining for others? Is it because of the visuals, the need to escape the real world, or something to pass the time? I for one, love video games as I find them quite entertaining and a great way to pass the time and unwind after a long day. Of course, my thoughts cannot account for the millions of others who enjoy video games. As a result, I decided to do a bit of researching(google searching).

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First, let’s account for all the different genres of video games that are available in the world. The genres consists of plat-former, shooters, fighting, hack-n-slash/beat ’em ups, stealth, role-playing, rogue-like, fantasy, sandbox, massively multiplayer online, and the list goes on. Depending on what genre of games one likes, represents the person themselves.

Let’s focus with the role-playing games or rpg’s for short since they’re my favorite. Role-playing games usually includes things like open-world, non-linear, story-telling, and character creation. There are several reasons why I and many enjoy role-playing games, one being the freedom that the genre offers. It gives players choices and decisions to alter one’s game, making each play through never the same. Another major reason that people love the role-playing genre is character creation. It allows one to create a character to one’s liking, fat or slim, tall or short, the decision is up to the player’s and the player’s alone. However, the most important reason why people are drawn to this genre is that it gives the players a sense of control. Similar to character creation, the player can alter their character’s personality, choices, etc. Role-playing games empowers the players as it allows them to do whatever they want.

People play video games for many reasons, entertainment, relaxation, control, social interaction, etc. Video games provides the player’s these specific needs which is why people are drawn to this sort of entertainment and continue to this day.




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