Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, considered as the biggest game launch based on The Lord of the Rings universe. Shadow of Mordor is an open world adventure game that provided great combat and unique features.

Now I just got this game recently so I’m pretty late on the bandwagon. Also I have never watched any of The Lord of the Rings movies so I know nothing of the lore and what not. So I apologize in advance in case I butcher any Lord of the Rings lore.

©2014 Warner Bros [cc by 2.0]

Let’s start with a small summary of the game:

So the game starts off with the main character Talion. Who is a Ranger Captain, fancy title. It would seem everything is going great for Talion with his high-paying position and a beautiful family, until the orcs attacked. Talion and his family was soon captured and played the roles in the new block-buster hit, Sacrificial Ritual! Playing the antagonists were nameless hooded men. With the ritual over, Talion found out that he couldn’t be killed as a wraith/ghost thing has been bounded to him. After that ordeal, Talion went off killing orcs and animals.

The story was considered the weakest point by most critics and I guess I can agree. The story is fine but nothing special.

Now my favorite part, the game play:

The combat is fun as heck! The combat is extremely responsive and satisfying. Though early on, the combat was a bit tedious as you had to keep button mashing when you’re overrun or when you fight at all. Thankfully you get more abilities as you progress through the game, giving you more options in combat.

The world is very lively with plenty of activities Talion could do. It could be hunting, collecting herbs, defeating orc war chiefs, etc. Though the re spawn rate is a bit excessive on some areas.

The Nemesis System is a unique feature that Shadow of Mordor provided. A system that consisted of randomly generated orcs that has unique names, abilities, and even personality. You really feel like an assassin when hunting down the orc captains and war chiefs.

All in all, great game!





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