Writer’s Block?

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Writer’s Block

This week, I have absolutely nothing to talk about, because in my opinion, there wasn’t anything too interesting happening. I’ll probably make small references to things that DID happen though, in the nothing Christmas schedule!

Writer’s block occurs when a writer has absolutely nothing to talk about in his or her writing, or rather, doesn’t have an idea or inspiration worthy of writing about. “Is… is my life boring?!?!” After spending some time attempting to come up with an idea, only to result in nothing.

Writer’s block feels like a panic or struggle in you head to find something, but all there is, is darkness, like isolation. Often, you find yourself going in circles and circles and circles, coming back to the same thing and saying, “no… I passed you already.” Sometimes, something relevant comes up, like AP practice or that funny thing your friend did, but you firmly say (think) “No! This is not good enough! It is not relevant!” You angrily throw those ideas aside, and continue to dig.

I get stuck in this phase many times when I try to write. “ Oh, what should I write about for this essay?” “Well, what do you like” “Ummmm… fish?” “Ok, so can you write about fish?” “I… I guess?” “Ok, now write!” And I shove myself onto the paper against my will, but it still works. I’m not saying that is how every experience will be, but that’s how I feel. It is like fixing a machine that lacks materials.If duct tape and string works, you can’t make fun of it for looking bad or not functioning. The feeling of overcoming writer’s block is overwhelmingly satisfying, like a puzzle fitting in its place.

Sometimes, you have other factors that play into being unable to find a subject. Lack of rest, sleep, fatigue sets in and slows down the brain processes, making you feel tired, sleepier, more unwilling to get something done. “Let’s sleep now, do it some other time.” Sleepy, sleepy, slowly closing your eyes, getting dark, dark, dark, then everything brightens because you are NOT done yet! Jolting awake, I/you/we snap back to reality and force ourselves to continue writing.

Writer’s block is when we can’t find a subject to write about, but is also more of an internal struggle, a journey in our minds, fighting against fatigue and tiredness. A trudge through the mud is what it is. But when you find just the subject to write about, you find great joy, satisfaction, a comforting warmth in yourself, like when I, myself, had nothing to write about, until I wrote about writer’s block. Have a great evening everyone!



  1. anotherdayofvictoriaslife · January 6, 2016

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post! I love your use of dialogue and your touch of humor to it. Nice job!


  2. turbotien · January 6, 2016

    I found your subject very interesting that everyone can relate to. I often get writers block such as now lol.


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